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Domperidone of the staphylococcal type is often observed. The most dangerous complication for the patient's life; Perforation in the intestine. The ileum is the most sensitive to the formation of through holes; Severe swelling of the intestinal mucosa. In this case, the patient has intestinal obstruction; Motilium hepatitis. Often, epithelial hepatitis is formed during treatment; Formation of necrosis. Refers to infectious complications; Septicemia. The more the patient suffers from myelotoxic type of disease, the harder it is to eliminate its symptoms.

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Among the sources that cause infection, saprophytic flora is distinguished, which includes Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Domperidone coli. In this case, the patient has severe intoxication, a rise in temperature up to 40-41 degrees.

When agranulocytosis is detected, complex treatment is indicated, including a number of motilium: The prognosis for the treatment of the disease is usually favorable. It can be worsened by the appearance of foci of tissue necrosis and infectious ulcers. Prevention of agranulocytosis, mainly, consists in carrying out careful hematological control during the course of treatment with myelotoxic drugs, excluding repeated administration of drugs that previously caused the patient to experience immune agranulocytosis.

An unfavorable prognosis is observed with the development of severe septic complications, repeated development of haptenic agranulocytosis. Agranulocytosis is a clinical and hematological syndrome, which is based on a sharp decrease or absence of neutrophilic granulocytes among the cellular elements of the peripheral blood. Agranulocytosis is accompanied by the development of infectious processes, tonsillitis, ulcerative stomatitis, pneumonia, hemorrhagic manifestations. Of the complications are frequent sepsis, hepatitis, mediastinitis, peritonitis. Of paramount importance for the diagnosis of motilium is the study of hemogram, bone marrow punctate, detection of antineutrophilic antibodies. Treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes of motilium, preventing complications and restoring hematopoiesis.

Causes of agranulocytosis Patanatomy Classification Symptoms of agranulocytosis Diagnostics Treatment of agranulocytosis Forecast and prevention Prices for treatment. Agranulocytosis is a change in the picture of peripheral blood that develops in a number of independent diseases and is characterized by a decrease in the number or disappearance of granullocytes. Currently, due to the widespread use of cytotoxic therapy in medical practice, as well as the emergence of a large number of new pharmacological agents, the incidence of agranulocytosis has increased significantly.

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  Women suffer from agranulocytosis 2-3 times more often than men; usually the syndrome is detected over the age of 40 years.

Myelotoxic agranulocytosis occurs due to suppression of the production of myelopoiesis progenitor cells in the bone marrow. At the same time, a decrease in the level of lymphocytes, reticulocytes, platelets is noted in the blood.

This type of agranulocytosis can develop when the body is exposed to ionizing radiation, cytostatic drugs and other pharmacological agents (chloramphenicol, streptomycin, gentamicin, penicillin, colchicine, aminazine), etc.

Immune agranulocytosis is associated with the formation of antibodies in the body, the action of which is directed against its own leukocytes. The emergence of hapten immune agranulocytosis provokes the intake of sulfonamides, NSAID derivatives of pyrazolone (amidopyrine, analgin, aspirin, butadione), drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, helminthiasis, which act as haptens.


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